Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Colors of Summer

I love color. Red is really my favorite, but these bright flowers look great during the summer. When we changed the window, what is left of the gardening look came inside the shop. Funny how different the shop looks when you first change it around! But that's what keeps it interesting.

Still have more to add to this setting, but it'll have to wait a couple of days. The old basket hanging back on the right is a very fun piece. It is from an old farmstand and the liner is vinyl covered with colorful pansies.

I wish I knew how many of these old lawn chairs we have sold in our 25 years. I also wish I had pictures of them, because they are all different in style and color.

The folky ferris wheel was brought in by Yvonne, one of our dealers that rents a large space. She comes up with very unusual pieces.

Better go for now. More calls to make! It never ends.

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"JUNE BRIDES"--Our New Window Display!

Time to change the window again! This month is to honor all of the "June Brides". I have accumulated several vintage wedding gowns and decided it was time to get them all out of the boxes. Actually, I have 3 dresses that didn't make the display. They are complete with the veils, headpieces and shoes, but also very delicate and the heat and light in the window is a killer this time of year. I also have a light aqua colored gown from the late 1800's, beautiful bustle and detail, but, again, too fragile for the window. Sharayah, our newest weekend employee loves working with displays and is also an upcoming bride, so...after we talked about how we wanted the window to look, I just told her to do it. I think she did a really outstanding job. The pictures from out front have glare on the window--it was a bright day when we took the pictures, but then there are inside closeup shots! Enjoy!

Everything is for sale, so if you see anything of interest, let me know. Don't you agree that she did a great job!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Did Dallas Win? or LeBron & His Greatness Lose?

I'm SO happy that the Dallas Mavericks won! And, even happier that Le Bron and his Greatness---you know the greatness that he took took South Beach that we all heard about over and over and over---well the greatness lost. Nothing against Miami, just sick and tired of all of the hype about "His Greatness".
It's kind of hard to teach kids about team work, and no one likes bullies, and be nice to each other and show sportsmanship and all of that---and oh yeah, make sure you watch professional teams sports--with all of the millionaire brats playing. But oh yeah, don't act like that! I'm sick of it.
WOW, that felt kind of good! I use this blog to update happenings at my shop and shows, maybe once a week, or whenever I feel like it, I'll post a blog with whatever is on my mind. Maybe I'll even give it a name. Like "Why Is It......" and then I'll vent and rant and rave in my usual radical manner. Let off some steam. What do you think?
Had a busy weekend at the shop, changed it around and redid the windows into a "June Bride" theme. Lots of pictures to share, but nothing was going to stop me from watching the NBA game tonight.
I'm proud of you Dallas. And oh yeah, after making fun of Dirk's cold before Game 5???? Well Le Bron and De Wayne...what about it now? How do you like it now?
OK, wow, I do feel better, I can feel more posts like this coming!
Until next time,