Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Our Wood River store is up and running!

I love going by the shop and seeing what it looks like after dark.  I took these pictures just because I wanted to share with you!  We've been so busy doing shows--Fox Valley, Midwest Art & Antiques, Rural Life, and this weekend Heartland.  After that we are home for a while.  Gotta a lot to do to get ready for the holidays. The Wood River Store has antiques and collectibles along with gift items.  Lots of candles, dip mixes, soap, jewelry, ponchos, scarves and accessories.  Very festive.  It will be open the first three Sundays in December too!  Madisons Tea Room will be open for lunch on those Sundays as well and Martha has some great menus planned.  Alton continues to be the main store full of antiques and collectibles.  You need to check in regularly.  It changes all the time.!!! Let us know what you are looking for.  Chances are ---we have it!

Until next time

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sunday Funday

Well, we're getting some things picked out to start putting the new shop together.  We have to be picky because this shop is not near the size of the Alton shop.  We'll have it full, but not crammed!  Picking out the gifts things is taking me forever because I want different than the normal.  It has to mix in perfectly with antiques and vintage pieces.  It's fun---at least that's what I'm telling myself.
Some needs some TLC, but it's the size of things that I'm picky about.  The TLC is Gary's problem!
Until next time, 

Friday, July 7, 2017

We're Opening A Second Store!!!

This is the front of our second location!  We're really excited about it.  It's in Wood River, Illinois right next door to Madison's Tearoom.  It's going to be special!  Antiques, collectibles and gift items.

I'm busy trying to figure out where to start!  It just came out of the blue.  It will also be named Country Meadows, so keep watching as we progress.  Opening sometime in September!
Until next time, 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Robin's Egg Blue Metal Stool

Sometimes you just can't resist the most simplest things!  This metal stool is different.  I'm calling it a stool, but it could be used as a plant stand, or side table.  After a good cleanup, hopefully some of the light rusty issues on the top will calm down a bit.  It only has three legs and I love the turned tips on the legs.  Had to have it!

You really need to put our city---Alton, Illinois in your travel plans.  We are smack dab in the middle of the United States--almost! Lots to see and do.  We are open everyday!  Hope to see you soon,
Until next time, 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Is White a Color

I love ironstone and couldn't resist these molds.  I thought they looked perfect with these little white shoes.  And yes...those candies are "Mary Janes"! I got started putting Mary Janes in my booth at shows because they were old fashioned candy, but more importantly the red and mustard color matched the display.  So now I always set out Mary Janes.  Even when the items don't sell, I can at least tell that customers are looking because the candy disappears.  Just a fun little thing to do!  Have a wonderful day.  I plan too.
Until next time,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Heartland Antique Show was a good one!

We just returned from the Heartland Antiques Show in Richmond, Indiana.  The travel was great, the show was great and now it's good to be home.  I have alot to redo at the shop.  Exciting changes so check back.  Here are some pictures of our booth--

It turned out nice!  It was only a 16 ft booth so we had to cram a bit!
Keep checking back--I have more pictures of my favorite things at the show.
Until next time, 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love the Small Stuff!

I love collections and groups of small stuff.  There is something about rooting through a box of ---well---anything that is so fun!  That's when antiquing in a real store is so much better than online shopping.  There's something about touching and feeling and smelling what you are looking for!

Box of buttons
Stack of tins
                                                              Basket of baby shoes
Tub of children's dishes.

You really need to put Alton Illinois on your list of places to go.  We would love to see you!  Lots to see and do in Alton--like shopping at Country Meadows!
Until next time,