Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Does anyone out there like to cook and entertain using vintage dishes? I can't get enough of fun, colorful serving pieces. The only thing better is if I owned a catering business and could use these dishes on a themed tablescape. Like this divider bowl--California Pottery, probably from the 60's or 70's.

A great dish for veggies or deviled eggs with a chicken on the top for a handle!

A large round plate with insert in the middle for dips, again California Pottery---

Pair of Fireking casserole pans.

I have tons more fun dishes to share, but until next time,


A Little Helper on Memorial Day Weekend!

You never know if business will be brisk or slow at the shop on a Holiday Weekend. The kids needed some mommy and daddy time so we said--bring Haylee by the shop! We tried to put her to work but since she's only 6 months old, she decided to nap instead! We let her rest in an early cherry cradle. She's growing like a weed, but snuggled down and looked quite comfy. One customer thought it was a doll. I said, it is a doll---OUR DOLL!

Resting peacefully!
Then,...it got busy and kinda noisy--Haylee woke up and looks like she is saying--who's making all the racket!

Starting to come to life now!

She's such a joy. We really love her...Gary's very excited because her hair is coming in red! Him being a redhead--he thinks all redheads are special!

Better go for now,

Until next time,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everybody's Selling!

It never fails, when I'm trying to get something done, I spend the first few hours with people wanting to sell. Of course, it starts with---do you buy antiques? Uh, no we steal as much as possible---HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!! Of course we buy! I'm just being a smarty pants!!!!! I'm not sure what the proper response is suppose to be?????Where do we get this stuff??????Anyway, I always find myself buying some things that will make a display I have in mind look better. Like these coffee tureens, probably not usable, but everything else in the display will sell! It's kind of like a puzzle. And all of the pieces fit.

This is another purchase I made. A surprise for Gary because it needs a lot of love! These guys thought they were pickers. Kept hem-hawing around. I told them my offer because they acted like they didn't know what they wanted. I stuck to it and told them I'd be there all day. Sure enough, a few hours later, they returned. It's going to be a beautiful piece, after we take off the duct tape and completely redo it. Then it will be a "WOW" piece.

This sweet candleabra is really a nice piece. Something about it was fun to me. Normally not what I buy, but thought.....again for a display it would be great.

I've got more pictures to show, but next time. I've been cleaning dishes all day and I've had about all of the fun I can stand. So......

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Few Small Things

I'm not exaggerating when I say I have crates and crates and boxes of small stuff! It has overtaken my world. But not for long. I want it all out of here! While furniture sales are happening, smalls always sell. Especially GOOD smalls. Here are a few things headed to the shop.

A fantastic Cast Iron Door Stop

Ornate Chest--Salesman's Sample
Just a couple of the small crock bowls.

Nice Spice Set

More Jewelry--Glass Beads

Just a sampling, I'll keep posting pictures of the smalls, but you really need to come in to the shop so you can touch and feel and BUY!

Until next time,


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caught Up In Sparklies and Junk!

I'm headed to the shop today. I have so much to get ready to take. We've been on lot's of house calls, picked up some great stuff, but the shop is not ready for smalls until the cupboards and shelving is in place (from the painting)! It all takes time and I don't just want to stick stuff everywhere. I got busy yesterday with jewelry. Just a small sampling of what is to come. These are all vintage clip on earrings. Not near all of what I have, but a good start. They will look great hanging on a rack.

These are all vintage stick pins. One looks silly, but a group is great!

Next are some big--shiny--gawdy bracelets. Chunky and heavy but quite fun.

This one is the junkiest. It has clear beads dangling from it and matching earrings.

Last but not least, I've been making Junk Necklaces. Right now, there are none in my shop. They have all been sold. Sold many in Nashville, had some orders to fill and made time to make this one for my sister's birthday. Quite sparkly, and junky! She loved it. The "L" is for "Lori", and the rest is fitted to her likes. Sparkly, a small nautical compass, and a key that has a broken button of a doggie--looks like her dog Annie. Gotta love'em.

Better go for now and get this stuff packed up!

Until next time,

P.S. Happy Birthday Lori! I'm gathering up heart charms to make another custom necklace for my other sister Gay. If she see's this post, she'll wonder where hers is at!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Storefront Window--A Backyard Look on Wash Day!

It's wash day in the storefront window! Complete with the glider, the 1960's stingray bike and of course the clothesline. I wonder how many people still hang clothes outside to dry? I know I don't!

We're starting to put the shop back in order....what a process. No room to move anything so we started with the window! Better go for now,

Until next time,


UPDATE: The blue glider lasted 2 days in the window! Put in Saturday afternoon, closed Sunday for Mother's Day, SOLD Monday! Again, remembering the importance of changing the windows! Yippee

Another UPDATE! Large Laundry Basket SOLD 1960's Stingray Bike SOLD

Another Yippee!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother-Daughter Banquet 2011

"What's In Your Wallet?" was the theme for our annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. What a fun night! Our church, New Hope Baptist Church honors all mothers with a fun evening of food, fellowship and entertainment. The decorations turned out really pretty! Hot pink, lime green and chocolate brown. Polka dots!!! The general idea of the theme was ---like a purse---we should look as good on the inside and we do on the outside. Everyone had a hot pink drawstring purse filled with candy to take home! Along with full tummies after a huge buffet dinner.
This year, instead of giving away centerpieces, we gave away purses! To win the grand prize, we played a short game---"What's in Your Wallet"? It was all junk, like chewed gum that you put back in the wrapper and tossed in your purse, a checkbook that was out of checks, a cell phone with a dead battery and so on.... The winner got to pick the first purse as a prize and also received a hot pink trash can as a trophy with instructions to go home and clean out your purse! The rest of the prizes were by drawing names. The purses were for women, so if a child or teenager's name was drawn--their mother got the prize. That didn't go over real well with the kids!

You can see the hot pink trash can "trophy" in this picture! Complete with polka dots!

A sweet poem about "Mother's".

Entertainment was a Suzuki Orchestra ages 6-20. Awesome!

Any of you antiquers out there would know one of these great kids. Kim & Lana Logan out of Centralia Illinois is who I'm talking about. Their grandaughter, Mallory is 3rd from the left. We have seen Mallory grow up--she's 12 now, and when Lana told me about this group, I filed it in my brain for entertainment at the banquet. It worked out really great!

Our sweet baby Haylee really enjoyed the music and her first banquet! She's pushing 5 months old already. Enjoy the moment.

Better go for now, on to the next task at hand!

Until next time,