Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everybody's Selling!

It never fails, when I'm trying to get something done, I spend the first few hours with people wanting to sell. Of course, it starts with---do you buy antiques? Uh, no we steal as much as possible---HERE'S YOUR SIGN!!!! Of course we buy! I'm just being a smarty pants!!!!! I'm not sure what the proper response is suppose to be?????Where do we get this stuff??????Anyway, I always find myself buying some things that will make a display I have in mind look better. Like these coffee tureens, probably not usable, but everything else in the display will sell! It's kind of like a puzzle. And all of the pieces fit.

This is another purchase I made. A surprise for Gary because it needs a lot of love! These guys thought they were pickers. Kept hem-hawing around. I told them my offer because they acted like they didn't know what they wanted. I stuck to it and told them I'd be there all day. Sure enough, a few hours later, they returned. It's going to be a beautiful piece, after we take off the duct tape and completely redo it. Then it will be a "WOW" piece.

This sweet candleabra is really a nice piece. Something about it was fun to me. Normally not what I buy, but thought.....again for a display it would be great.

I've got more pictures to show, but next time. I've been cleaning dishes all day and I've had about all of the fun I can stand. So......

Until Next Time,


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