Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love the Small Stuff!

Who doesn't like finding small stuff? It's all starting to run together--where did it come from? You open a box and inside that box are more boxes--smaller in size. Each box is like a Christmas surprise. Here are a few things I found--or I should say I found sometime, somewhere and thought "I must have these"!

Love this handmade pincushion. It's really worn, but could you toss it? I can't.

I love the "red" color of the case of this Kodak timer. Will look great with vintage clocks--I have dozens of them to get cleaned up for the shop.

The tiny buttons in this old bottle are not perfectly round. They look like early carved buttons. Love them!

Who doesn't love an old stack of postcards? Takes me forever to get anything done because I have to stop and look at each one!

This box has an unfinished family of dolls. Really sweet! Dad, Mommy and kid!

Better go for now,

Until next time,