Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stacks of Textiles--Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

Another mindless task--going through bags and stacks of linens and textiles. This one is a beauty! It is all done in silk embroidery and never used. A small table cloth with a matching scarf. It is lovely! I always think of the beautiful things in the Magnolia Pearl booth in Texas. Of course, I can't wear any of it--too fat! But I love the look.
This satin pillow case cover must go to Texas!
Another pillow cover, in the shape of a heart. Very delicate.

Stacks of embroidered pillowcases. Even though they are nicely folded--I need to rewash and iron them. They've been packed away for a long time.
Beautiful satin lace curtains, off white, sheer and beautiful.
Another stack of pillowcases. If there was blue, there was green. If there was lavender, there was pink.
Stacks and stacks, all from the same creator. A German descendant, the family didn't want them! I Did!
More fancywork. Almost a lost art! Hope I have the time to restarch all of these before Marburger Farm. I've still got a few weeks! Oh my....
I'd better get busy, it's late, and my mind is racing. I'll never go to sleep tonight!
Until next time,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Do I Begin!!!!!

If only the decisions we have to make were as simple as the days when you took your bag of jacks and a ball and went to your friends house. Kinda like my sister Lori, when she would take her Barbies, or my brother Jimmy when he took his Hot Wheels. Well, I'm going through my boxes trying to decide what to take where--the shop--Texas---Nashville--who wants what? So I'm going to rely on the words from my buddy David Drummond. who says take "What You Love". Okay, well here we go! All of these pictures are from one--yes ONE--box of stuff I am going through getting ready for upcoming Marburger Farm, and Nashville shows. Multiply that times about 50+ boxes. (that's putting in mildly--that's just the boxes at home) It's kinda time-consuming.
I feel like this cat--all dressed up, with a mohair body, sticking his tongue out! That'll show ya!
As I am sorting through, my mind wonders----How will I display this? You know it has to look great! Alot of it is so small--the little girl in the pink dress is about 1 1/2 inches.

How do I display about a dozen little black babies? They are wonderful, mint condition.

This small gray graniteware bowl has advertising in the middle. Also Mint condition.
Maybe this with white ironstone? or maybe with children's items. I have enough dolls and children's related items for a booth of its own.
A couple of the dozens of dolls I have set aside. Do you like them like I do?
Here we have porcelain pieces. The elephant teapot, sugar and creamer are fab!
And the little deer teapot is unlike any I have seen. Look at the handle! A baby deer!
This sad looking mug is a teddy bear hand puppet. Cuter than it looks. Well loved!
One of the sets of doll china dishes I have. This is an aqua colored lustre set.
As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. This is just a start, so keep watching and if you have any display ideas, please feel free to share.
Better go for now,
Until next time,

Monday, August 24, 2009

New---Old Treasures

When I know I'm going to be at the shop, I try to set appointments for buying/selling merchandise. It seems to be plentiful right now--more selling to me than buying from me! Know what I mean---but hey, get it while you can. Sunday was my playday, but I also bought some great stuff. How about this stack of vintage Fiesta dessert plates. Already have a buyer for these.
Actually, this lamp was brought in the other day, but I had to show it. Great vintage lamp, awesome shade! Think it's going to Texas with us.
Just a fun shot of a gold purse with hot pink hat. Everyone needs this!

One of the dealers in our shop brought in this outstanding pair of lamps. Mint condition and had to share with you.
Several stacks of linens, and I love these embroidered kitchen towels. Hard to part with these.

A couple more tins of buttons, with these great fruit buttons on the top. I love them! They are tiny. Also, look at the shiny rhinestone button. I haven't even looked down in the pile yet.
The other tin of buttons was topped with these most excellent needle books. So excited I can't stand it!
This is one box of unused hankies. They are prettier than they even look in the picture.
More boxed hankies. Mint condition, creamy white and never used. Pretty!
Better go for now. Lots of new---old stuff to go through. Fun times.
Until next time,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yummy Smellin Glycerin Soap Chunks!!!

Well, I finally made it to the shop for my Playday! Gotta good start at least! I ran across this really wonderful glycerin soap when I was at Sister's garden and Bloom earlier this spring. I found out it came from my new friend Sharon at Sweet Repose, so I ordered some. It is something that anyone that buys--they will get hooked on it. I won't leave the display like this, but for now it's okay. The whole shop already smells nice!

No soap in this picture, but another part of the same booth--had to redo it all!

You know how one thing leads to another, so this whole section got a makeover. Looks better than it did!
Better go for now, and if you like smell-good soap--you need to contact Sharon at Sweet Repose. I think this would be a terrific gift when you need something small!
Until next time,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday Playday

Well, the estate sale is over--what a crazy busy two days! I have decided that tomorrow I'm going to head to my shop and play! We will be open for business--we are everyday---but I'm going to move stuff around and stir up some dust! Just finished the last of the sales I had lined up, so taking a breather before Marburger Farm. I could use the break.!!

It's hard to take a day to do mindless tasks, when there is always paperwork, phone calls, and other things on my mind. It might be one of those days where no matter how hard I try--nothing will suit me. My creative juices are kinda dry for now! Oh well, if tomorow doesn't work, there's always the next time!
Better go for now,
Until next time,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fabulous Antique Doll Collection

Being in this business we get calls all of the time from collectors wanting to sell their collections. As always, they say they have no idea what they want for them. So, we take the time to go--look--research--and make an offer. All of this knowing that we may be sitting on the merchandise for a while. This particular time, the entire collection of dolls was for sale. I made what I thought was a very generous offer. Some of the dolls were nice, some had issues., but I loved them and really wanted them. I didn't even get a second chance. This particular owner said they'd get back to us. And, you guessed it---they never did. So, after you enjoy the pictures, I'll tell you what happened to these beauties. Enjoy!!!

So, now that you've seen them, you can imagine what a great display could have been made. So after weeks went by, still nothing, I found out they had been sent to auction. Gee, thanks alot for letting us know. Anyway, as luck would have it, I couldn't go to the auction, but a friend of ours did. He bought a couple of the dolls. He also said that they were selling cheap. The way I figured, according to the estimate from the friend that attended, after the auction house kept their commission, the owner received probably about 40% of what I offered. Too bad for them, I bet they thought so too. And as always more dolls will come along. They already have--from 3 different places so when I put them together--I'll do another post and let you see!
Better go for now,
Until next time,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Glassware -Fun for Entertaining

As I work on displays at my estate sales, I always run across something that makes me think of the holidays. Which are fast approaching I might add! This small tureen in the center of the milk glass would be a perfect addition to anyone's table.
Every bar needs an assortment of shot glasses!

This pitcher and mug set would be great for a fall get-together.Isn't the little girl plate precious!
I accumulate an assortment of dishes all year to put together what I call the "Entertainment Table" at the shop. Lots of pretty etched glasses, serving bowls, relish dishes and I love platters. It doesn't have to cost alot to put together a beautiful table and the right color of dishes can work for multiple holidays. Better go for now. Still lots of pricing to do...the sale is Friday and Saturday.
Until next time,