Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memories of Grandma Bertha

This coming Monday would have been my Grandma's birthday. She died many years ago, but I still have many fond memories of her. She was a simple woman, small, quiet and probably one of the kindest women I will ever know. She always called me "Pamela", not just Pam! Grandma was an excellent cook and baker. I remember her fried chicken--cooked on the old cast iron stove, turned with a wood handled 3 prong fork--typical Southern Illinois Farm dinner! Her fruit salad was always in a blue bubble depression glass serving bowl. Her cakes, roasts, everything was delicious! She had the bluest hydrangeas of all, an old tomcat, chickens, and a big garden! She didn't peel potatoes, she scraped them. But she did peel tomatoes! When sorting through more stuff getting ready for some shows, I ran across these glass covered pictures that are edged with a chain and thought of her. I don't really remember her having something like this, but for some reason I thought of her. If I could only be half the lady she was! Fat chance of that!
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  1. I finally made it over here, I kept having this nagging feeling that there was somewhere I needed to go I was cleaning emails, I ran into yours...been very busy since the move!

    I love the memories of our Grannys, mine too had the best fried chicken and always peeled her sliced tomatoes...ahhh the memories!

    I have got to get to Bishop Hill, I just can never get away these days...or I never have the money...right!!! I have several friends there I need to touch base with.

    Have a great week!