Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stacks of Textiles--Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

Another mindless task--going through bags and stacks of linens and textiles. This one is a beauty! It is all done in silk embroidery and never used. A small table cloth with a matching scarf. It is lovely! I always think of the beautiful things in the Magnolia Pearl booth in Texas. Of course, I can't wear any of it--too fat! But I love the look.
This satin pillow case cover must go to Texas!
Another pillow cover, in the shape of a heart. Very delicate.

Stacks of embroidered pillowcases. Even though they are nicely folded--I need to rewash and iron them. They've been packed away for a long time.
Beautiful satin lace curtains, off white, sheer and beautiful.
Another stack of pillowcases. If there was blue, there was green. If there was lavender, there was pink.
Stacks and stacks, all from the same creator. A German descendant, the family didn't want them! I Did!
More fancywork. Almost a lost art! Hope I have the time to restarch all of these before Marburger Farm. I've still got a few weeks! Oh my....
I'd better get busy, it's late, and my mind is racing. I'll never go to sleep tonight!
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  1. R U Back....Me Too!
    I'm attempting regular post!
    Cross your fingers!
    Love ya!