Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Projects After Dark!

I went out to check on Gary--you know--the man in charge--and I couldn't resist taking pictures of these projects. They were sitting outside on the patio so they wouldn't get dusty in the workshop. The light hit them perfectly. This oak table is really a fun piece. The table top had no bottom but it does now. The bottom is from an old treadle sewing machine. We had it sandblasted and painted and Gary decided to put the two together--Magic! His refinishing work is the best.
These chairs are not fancy, but certainly affordable and would look great with any table. And you could dance on this bench.
This little table could also be a plant stand. It is going to be great after Gary gets done with it.
This little guy, an early Raggedy Andy is airing out. Don't know what to do with him yet. He has definitely been loved and played with. But at his last home, some cats used him for a pillow. Yuck! Anyway, when I get done with him, he will be ready for a new home.
That's all for now, more pictures to come.
Until next time,

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