Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Windows and Porch Trim--We Love It!

Recently, when we were in Hermann, Missouri doing a show we did our usual drive around and take pictures of buildings, windows and fixer-uppers of interest.

This big--huge-building is under renovation. It will be a real beauty--it already is.

This one was for sale---It will be perfect for someone as a weekend getaway home!

I love the red on this home, already a beauty underway.

It always kills me--someone will paint the brick, then the next time you go by--it has been sandblasted! At least that's the way it is in our city of Alton, Illinois!
I love to see the progress of home restoration--from year to year when we set up at shows and do the same drive bys! We love to window shop.
Better go for now,
Until next time,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dad's Sugar Free "Apple Pecan" Pie

While mom is under the weather--my dad has become quite the cook! He cooks everything on his George Foreman grill--fish, steaks, hamburgers--anything that he can. He has also mastered pies! This is his latest--an sugar-free "Apple Pecan" pie. His last was a banana cream--he's diabetic so he cooks with Splenda instead of sugar. Gary is diabetic also, so I use splenda all of the time. He wants to try a cherry pie next. I'm all over that one!

The advantage of living behind mom and dad is that if you can't come over for a piece, they'll send it to you! It was yummy. I still have a banged up knee and missed family night. But I didn't miss the pie--there were 2 pieces and I took the biggest--after all it was from MY dad--doesn't that seem fair? Ha Ha.
Better go for now.
Until next time,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Simpler Life?? How Can It Be??

There's something about the Amish way of life that fascinates me. When we were in Iowa recentlly, we went off the highway onto an old country road. It was one Amish Farm after another. I had the opportunity several times to take pictures of buggies, but I chickened out because I don't think the Amish really want their pictures taken. I did capture some of the beautiful farmland and barns.

Wish I had some of the baked goodies about right now!

How American is this picture?

It was a beautiful spring day, and the laundry was hanging out to dry.

More laundry---I saw several Amish women outside washing in tubs. How can that be simpler?

When we went by this Amish house, the children were out playing. The reason you can only see a glimpse of the little girls in the wagon is because the 2 kids pulling it ran to their mom when we went by. I really felt bad--like we scared them. I didn't mean too.

You can see a buggy in the middle of this picture.

A buggy behind the tree.

I don't think this was Amish, but it was on the same road.
In case you noticed my new header--that is me screaming! I have hurt my knee and can't hardly walk. Don't know what I'm going to do about it. I keep thinking it will pop back into place. It has too, it's my good knee!
Better go for now,
Until next time,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

If You Haven't Been to Sister's-You Are Missing It!

I know I have mentioned Sister's Garden in Kalona Iowa before, but I never get tired of it. On our way to Cedar Rapids, we always stop in at Sister's Garden & Bloom. The displays are to die for. If you see something you like in these photos, it is probably too late---GONE!!!!I mean, hey, these pictures are a month old! The creativity and display skills are like none other. A true inspiration. Enjoy the show---I always do! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

It doesn't matter if you are inside or outside! You never know where to start looking. I can't wait to go back. I wonder what I'm missing--I wish I lived closer!
Until next time,

Friday, May 14, 2010


This sign says it all! For this RED FRIDAY--I'm going to slow down a little. I let this sign get away--I should have bought it. Hope everyone has a great day! In the last two months, we have set up at 7 shows, and put over 4,000 miles on the old body. I'm feeling it! So I'm going to slow down if even for one day. Take time to smell the roses!
Until next time

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Labadie Missouri was the new Windy City!

What a great setting for an outdoor antique show. Dawn and Betsey, along with Barb of "The Tin Rabbit" went out of their way to bring this show back. And it worked! Ten years later. Great dealers, lots of buying customers and sunshine. If the wind would have settled down, it would have been perfect. But at least no rain! This is the lovely farmhouse. The show was on the lawn.

This was our next door neighbor--Eric Nichols--He has fabulous items...always.

The start of smalls--the wind limited what we could all do as far as being creative!

Ironstone and shutters underneath the farm table. The whole area was on a hillside!

This little homemade piece was great--and it sold! It was made of wooden cheese boxes. It's now going to be a jewelry box!

Great birdhouses! And the rug sold!

Sorry- a repeat picture.

Just another angle!

We had a great show, the farmhouse is now "The Tin Rabbit" shop. People coming and going all day. I'm starting to really like one day shows. Better go for now.

Until next time,


Friday, May 7, 2010


On our way to Sycamore, Illinois last weekend we stopped in Litchfield at "The Ariston Cafe" for lunch. It has been in business sind 1924. I loved the bar stools at the counter as well as the booths with the wood cutwork. We talked to the owner whose father opened the restaurant. We asked him if he minded if we took some pictures. ( I was thinking of Red Friday!) He said of course not--go right ahead. Then we asked him if he was interested in selling the barstools--his return comment was--"Sure I'll sell them to you, along with the keys and entire contents of the restaurant!" Ha-Ha. I had the best fried chicken in along time. Old fashioned fried chicken--it doesn't get any better than that!

You can't see it very good, but under the table is would cutouts.

Another shot of the booths--for skinny people!

A whole row of bar stools.

The one stool turned--it has a mind of it's own!
Enjoy Red Friday! And check out my buddy Tricia's blog--she started Red Friday! (http://www.thereddoorantiques.blogspot.com/) She's headed to Brimfield--I haven't talked to her in a few days so I'd better be checking in! We are headed to Labadie, Missouri for a one day show. I'm looking forward to it--I can honestly say, this has not been a fun week. Better go for now.
Until next time,