Monday, May 3, 2010

The One That Got Away--Why Did I Let It Happen!

I love this retro Bar! What was I thinking. The price was right, and I did the "Let me think about it". I think I didn't think Gary was cracked up about it, he never cares--he knows I have a customer or display in mind when an unusual piece like this comes around. When he told me the bar was sold and gone, I was almost sick. Perfect condition. I've never seen one like it. Would have been great in a 1950's display in our storefront window, or in the entertainment section of the shop at the holidays. Well, not now. I waited to "think about it" and I let it get away. I'm just sick!
I showing more pictures from the show in Sycamore--things that caught my eye.

Wild chairs!

Are they funky or what!
Not only chairs, but a wild table!

Fabulous fountain--didn't last long!
As you can see, there was a vast assortment of needables and wantables at the show. I'll post more pictures soon!
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  1. If you're think'n...then you're stink'n

    What are you think'n?????