Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dad's Sugar Free "Apple Pecan" Pie

While mom is under the weather--my dad has become quite the cook! He cooks everything on his George Foreman grill--fish, steaks, hamburgers--anything that he can. He has also mastered pies! This is his latest--an sugar-free "Apple Pecan" pie. His last was a banana cream--he's diabetic so he cooks with Splenda instead of sugar. Gary is diabetic also, so I use splenda all of the time. He wants to try a cherry pie next. I'm all over that one!

The advantage of living behind mom and dad is that if you can't come over for a piece, they'll send it to you! It was yummy. I still have a banged up knee and missed family night. But I didn't miss the pie--there were 2 pieces and I took the biggest--after all it was from MY dad--doesn't that seem fair? Ha Ha.
Better go for now.
Until next time,

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