Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gary Did It Again--Another Truckload of Fun!

When Gary comes home from a farm, you never know what he will have on the truck. He stacks and packs and comes in the house to let me know that he had a great day! Glad it was only 93 degrees cause those barns and coops can get hot! He didn't care. He was in heaven. These are a few of the items he brought home. Some of the other stuff really needs some TLC!!

This cow was on the outside of the barn. At first the farmer wasn't going to let it go, but this trip he had changed his mind. I collect cows and Gary just knew I would want to keep it. I'm not sure yet. You know, that doesn't pay the bills!.
One of the most awesome wooden lawn chairs I have seen. I think we'll save it for Marburger Farm. It looks like it belongs there.

Another chair with old white paint. Actually there were two of these but they would only part with one. Oh well, maybe next time. I think it is going to Marburger Farm too.

This old metal/tin sign is wonderful. It was hanging in one of the barns. I think it will go either to Bishop Hill--up Northern Illinois to a country show, or maybe to Nashville this fall.

As we gather more stuff for our shows and for the shop, I'll keep you posted, but as always, if you are interested in anything, let me know by emailing
Until next time,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're Back from Indiana!

Is there a better way to get in the mood for an antique show than following an old-timer car! No it's not mine, I don't know them, but I love the car!
Their friends were right behind them. I love this car too!
We made it to Elizabethtown, Indiana in about 5 hours. The speed limit sign slows you down so you don't miss the town!

This barn is the antique shop "Nichols n Dimes" where the show was held. Judy and Bob Nichols have some of the most beautiful property I've seen in a long time. Gary took a lot of pictures of the gardens and I'll save them for another post.

You don't see many barns with the vibrant red paint anymore. It is beautiful.

A huge tent and some smaller ones were set up between Judy's house and the barns. It used to be the pasture for her sheep.

We were in the right corner of the big tent. It was a great spot!

Here are some pictures of our booth. Gary found this old rooster weathervane on a farm here is Illinois. Someone shot part of the tail off, but it is still awesome. It has aged very nicely! The old farm table is so sturdy you could dance on it. The chairs are mustard in color with stencil.

Pictures of smalls including silver and ironstone platters.

I had all kind of small things in little bags and seed packets too---all clipped on this rack.

This big cage is from the same farm as the rooster weathervane. It has a perch inside, so it must have been used for some sort of fowl or poultry.

A trunk on a trunk. The bottom one sold. Yippee!

Gary loves old iron things like this arrow. We have a guy that makes the stands for things like this. Gary is a nut about whirligigs too.

Another shot of the booth. It was only 10 x 20 so we crammed it full as usual.

This folky little airplane is made out of old things like bolts and nuts. It is really cool.

The grungy green painted shutters went to a new home. The different thing about this sale is that the hubby saw them, put a hold on them, and called his wife. Usually it's the other way!
Who doesn't love these old lawn chairs. And the colors were terrific. They sold too! Actually, they sell themselves. Great color and all you have to do is get the customer to sit in them!

All in all we had a great time, the weather held out for us even during travel. I think it's good to be back home---I haven't decided yet.
Until next time,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"A Country Gathering" in Elizabethtown, Indiana

I'm busy getting ready to leave next week for a great show in Elizabethtown, Indiana. We've never done this show but have known Judy Nichols--the owner of Nichols & Dimes Antiques for many years. She's one of those dealers that you feel like you have known forever. Finally, this year it has worked out that we can go. It's only about 4 1/2 hours from home! Pray for good weather! The show is held on her farm property, we'll be in a big tent! Anyone that knows me knows that I'm afraid of storms! I'm the first one to run for cover!!!! Check out Judy's She has a knack for display, and a good eye for quality. I'll keep you posted!
Until next time,