Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Goodies

Is there anything better than all of the fancy cookies that are baked at the holidays? The phone rang and it was Beth from next door. She wanted to run something over! Okay. Gary wasn't home and I knew she was bringing something to thank him for mowing her yard, but she didn't care that he wasn't home, she brought him a gift and a joint gift for us--yummy! I think next to family,it is just as awesome to have great neighbors that look out for each other, help each other and LIKE each other!!! I always feel totally good when I'm gone that our home is looked after. By the way, I moved around some of the cookies so you couldn't tell I had already tied into those Italian wedding cookies--you know, the powdered sugar white cookies with nuts--they had my name all over them!
Bad weather headed our way for Christmas. But it will be a great one anyway. I am officially a Great Aunt, Haylee Marie was born on December 8th, 9 pounds, 21 inches, and perfect! I absolutely love her. Not having children of my own, I forgot how much you could love a child! I hope all of you that are fortunate enough to be able to have children of your own will take the time this holiday to not only love them, but tell them you love them. I know Haylee has brought a whole new feeling to my family. Her dad--Bob--who is my nephew---was the last little one in our family and he is now 27! So...it's been awhile and it's a GIRL!!!! I only had 2 nephews so now we get to buy the fun stuff. Did I say already that I love her???? I really do. She melts my heart. I'll take my camera Christmas day --weather permitting--and post pictures of her. I think you will agree....she is spectacular! Ha!
Until Next time,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Handmade Christmas

Remember the ornament kits we could buy with all of the beads, sequins, pearls--anything shiny and gaudy? How many did we start and not finish? Now they are all the rage. As I get older, I'm seeing more and more of these projects that really did require alot of work. Maybe that's why I was bad at finishing them!
Remember making these ceramic trees? In the 70's and 80's? I have one customer that collects these trees of all sizes and keeps them up in a designated room all year--around 80 of them! This is a small one, harder to find because they are normally about 15 inches tall.
Here is a tree skirt, probably also made from a kit--sequins, felt, ric-rac all nicely sewn together. It's fun to sell these to people that are actually going to use them. We have sold every silver aluminum tree and color wheel that has been brought in to the shop this season.
Everyone likes lace tablecloths, especially at the holidays. Talk about a lost art---how many ladies still take the time to crochet these beauties?
Hope your holiday season is a fun one--we got ice last night and it's like a deep freezer here!
Until next time,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Winter Wonderland Here! Brrrrr

Well, we got our first winter snow of the season. Not so much snow, but freezing cold temperatures. Everything is frozen. I remembered I had more pictures from Leftovers in Brenham Texas. Lots of glistening trees. Enjoy the pictures!
More winter magic!

Ed and Mike really know how to set the mood--and it was only September when I took these pictures.Lots of white and glitter!
I watched Christmas at the White House tonight on HGTV. The work and preparation is incredible, but anyone that has a shop, or works shows know how much preparation is involved to make displays look so beautiful. Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday season!
Until next time,

Friday, December 10, 2010

An ANNA LEE Christmas

Christmas can always be found in Round Top, Texas--no matter if it's the spring or fall show. The Murphy's were setup next door to us at Marburger Farm at the Fall Show and I spotted this group of Anna Lee Dolls. I used to think they were so ugly that they were cute. Now, I love them! They are so detailed and colorful. As with all dolls, some are older than others--these I believe were some older ones. Terrific color and condition.
As the dealers in our shop were bringing in Christmas, Donna--who normally specializes in glassware, jewelry and textiles had recently found a collection of Anna Lee's. They are not as old, but very desireable. She nestled them in among her glassware and they are killer! The first picture is of Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
This couple is all decked out in blue. Sorry, it's not for sale anymore! It's mine!

A sweet little mouse--he's holding a candlestick--the full length picture was a blur--sorry!
A whole new look to "The Little Drummer Boy"!

A skater

The mailman!

An elf

An angel!

And last, but not least-- An angel in flight!
I told you they were cute. They kind of grow on you! Always smiling! Hope you enjoyed visiting with the ANNA LEE Family!
Until next time,