Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Handmade Christmas

Remember the ornament kits we could buy with all of the beads, sequins, pearls--anything shiny and gaudy? How many did we start and not finish? Now they are all the rage. As I get older, I'm seeing more and more of these projects that really did require alot of work. Maybe that's why I was bad at finishing them!
Remember making these ceramic trees? In the 70's and 80's? I have one customer that collects these trees of all sizes and keeps them up in a designated room all year--around 80 of them! This is a small one, harder to find because they are normally about 15 inches tall.
Here is a tree skirt, probably also made from a kit--sequins, felt, ric-rac all nicely sewn together. It's fun to sell these to people that are actually going to use them. We have sold every silver aluminum tree and color wheel that has been brought in to the shop this season.
Everyone likes lace tablecloths, especially at the holidays. Talk about a lost art---how many ladies still take the time to crochet these beauties?
Hope your holiday season is a fun one--we got ice last night and it's like a deep freezer here!
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