Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Goodies

Is there anything better than all of the fancy cookies that are baked at the holidays? The phone rang and it was Beth from next door. She wanted to run something over! Okay. Gary wasn't home and I knew she was bringing something to thank him for mowing her yard, but she didn't care that he wasn't home, she brought him a gift and a joint gift for us--yummy! I think next to family,it is just as awesome to have great neighbors that look out for each other, help each other and LIKE each other!!! I always feel totally good when I'm gone that our home is looked after. By the way, I moved around some of the cookies so you couldn't tell I had already tied into those Italian wedding cookies--you know, the powdered sugar white cookies with nuts--they had my name all over them!
Bad weather headed our way for Christmas. But it will be a great one anyway. I am officially a Great Aunt, Haylee Marie was born on December 8th, 9 pounds, 21 inches, and perfect! I absolutely love her. Not having children of my own, I forgot how much you could love a child! I hope all of you that are fortunate enough to be able to have children of your own will take the time this holiday to not only love them, but tell them you love them. I know Haylee has brought a whole new feeling to my family. Her dad--Bob--who is my nephew---was the last little one in our family and he is now 27! So...it's been awhile and it's a GIRL!!!! I only had 2 nephews so now we get to buy the fun stuff. Did I say already that I love her???? I really do. She melts my heart. I'll take my camera Christmas day --weather permitting--and post pictures of her. I think you will agree....she is spectacular! Ha!
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  1. WOW...everything looks so sparkly and Christmasy at the shop, I hope sales were as good. We've been staying open till 6 or 7 every night and Piper is even out there today in the snowstorm, she has 4-wheel drive, but I've got a snow day, just sitting on the computer watching it snow, think we have about 6 inches so far, but it looks like it's over, hope you didn't get that much!!! It's nice to sit back and relax and not make soap...ha!!!

    I hope you and Gary have a wonderful holiday...now let's get this crap outta the way and move on into Spring...are ya with me there!!! It's gonna be a great year in 2011...I'd have a bigger hole than that in that cookie plate though...ha!

    Se ya next year friend!!!