Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Labadie Missouri was the new Windy City!

What a great setting for an outdoor antique show. Dawn and Betsey, along with Barb of "The Tin Rabbit" went out of their way to bring this show back. And it worked! Ten years later. Great dealers, lots of buying customers and sunshine. If the wind would have settled down, it would have been perfect. But at least no rain! This is the lovely farmhouse. The show was on the lawn.

This was our next door neighbor--Eric Nichols--He has fabulous items...always.

The start of smalls--the wind limited what we could all do as far as being creative!

Ironstone and shutters underneath the farm table. The whole area was on a hillside!

This little homemade piece was great--and it sold! It was made of wooden cheese boxes. It's now going to be a jewelry box!

Great birdhouses! And the rug sold!

Sorry- a repeat picture.

Just another angle!

We had a great show, the farmhouse is now "The Tin Rabbit" shop. People coming and going all day. I'm starting to really like one day shows. Better go for now.

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  1. Very cool little cabinet! what a cool setting for a country antique show!