Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lost Treasures---Buttons, Quilts, Patterns

What is it about a button box that can keep us busy for hours? Kinda like looking at old cookbooks! I can sit and finger through buttons and lace and be perfectly happy.
Most of the time, the buttons are in jars or old tins, but sometimes they are in great old candy boxes. This box is as cool as the stuff inside.
I love the old pattern books and transfers. The used ones have as much charm as a stained up handwritten recipe. You know it must be good!

Who ever knew these doilies have names???
Quilts and scraps are an added bonus. This quilt "Cathedral Window" needs some TLC, but it is a beauty. Fabrics from the 30's and 40's. I love it.

Quilting, crocheting--all of it is becoming such a lost art. Afghans just kill me. I wish I had the room to store afghans, they are beautiful and sell for next to nothing. Someday, they will be worth more. But who has room for it all?
Better go for now.
Till next time,


  1. Pam, that's awesome you'll be at Marburger. If you are in Tent H, you will be with my friends, Theresa of Time Worn Interiors, Shelley of Sweet Pea, Trisha of The Red Door, and Peg of French Vanilla and that's not including my other friends that are in the other tents. Big congrats to you!!

  2. Back when my daughter was small, I used to make afghan bedspreads and throws and doilies and pot holders, yup it was the thing to do back in the day.

    I sure hope I can do the day trips next year, to finally meet some of the bloggers that I haven't met yet...too much fun!

  3. We have set up at Marburger several times in Tent A. It's hard to setup with big farm tables etc in an oblong 10 x 20 booth. So good ole Ashely got me in Tent H. Actually, I'll be right next door to my buddy Tricia of Red Door Antiques. I have met Theresa from Time Worn Interiors, bought several times and talked with her, but had to tell her to look at Tricia's blog for a picture. Probably scared her to death!!! but we meet so many people. Hopefully I'll fit in--I'm not all white--I'm colorful and mixed and you might have an early farm table with Dick & Jane books on it. I like a fun mixture of stuff. You'll have to look us up!

  4. Hey Pam,
    It's good to hear from you! I don't know if I have what people want, but I have what I love, and there are a few crazy people like me around! Who Knew? Scarey!
    Take Care!
    Barb C.