Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caught Up In Sparklies and Junk!

I'm headed to the shop today. I have so much to get ready to take. We've been on lot's of house calls, picked up some great stuff, but the shop is not ready for smalls until the cupboards and shelving is in place (from the painting)! It all takes time and I don't just want to stick stuff everywhere. I got busy yesterday with jewelry. Just a small sampling of what is to come. These are all vintage clip on earrings. Not near all of what I have, but a good start. They will look great hanging on a rack.

These are all vintage stick pins. One looks silly, but a group is great!

Next are some big--shiny--gawdy bracelets. Chunky and heavy but quite fun.

This one is the junkiest. It has clear beads dangling from it and matching earrings.

Last but not least, I've been making Junk Necklaces. Right now, there are none in my shop. They have all been sold. Sold many in Nashville, had some orders to fill and made time to make this one for my sister's birthday. Quite sparkly, and junky! She loved it. The "L" is for "Lori", and the rest is fitted to her likes. Sparkly, a small nautical compass, and a key that has a broken button of a doggie--looks like her dog Annie. Gotta love'em.

Better go for now and get this stuff packed up!

Until next time,

P.S. Happy Birthday Lori! I'm gathering up heart charms to make another custom necklace for my other sister Gay. If she see's this post, she'll wonder where hers is at!

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