Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother-Daughter Banquet 2011

"What's In Your Wallet?" was the theme for our annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. What a fun night! Our church, New Hope Baptist Church honors all mothers with a fun evening of food, fellowship and entertainment. The decorations turned out really pretty! Hot pink, lime green and chocolate brown. Polka dots!!! The general idea of the theme was ---like a purse---we should look as good on the inside and we do on the outside. Everyone had a hot pink drawstring purse filled with candy to take home! Along with full tummies after a huge buffet dinner.
This year, instead of giving away centerpieces, we gave away purses! To win the grand prize, we played a short game---"What's in Your Wallet"? It was all junk, like chewed gum that you put back in the wrapper and tossed in your purse, a checkbook that was out of checks, a cell phone with a dead battery and so on.... The winner got to pick the first purse as a prize and also received a hot pink trash can as a trophy with instructions to go home and clean out your purse! The rest of the prizes were by drawing names. The purses were for women, so if a child or teenager's name was drawn--their mother got the prize. That didn't go over real well with the kids!

You can see the hot pink trash can "trophy" in this picture! Complete with polka dots!

A sweet poem about "Mother's".

Entertainment was a Suzuki Orchestra ages 6-20. Awesome!

Any of you antiquers out there would know one of these great kids. Kim & Lana Logan out of Centralia Illinois is who I'm talking about. Their grandaughter, Mallory is 3rd from the left. We have seen Mallory grow up--she's 12 now, and when Lana told me about this group, I filed it in my brain for entertainment at the banquet. It worked out really great!

Our sweet baby Haylee really enjoyed the music and her first banquet! She's pushing 5 months old already. Enjoy the moment.

Better go for now, on to the next task at hand!

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