Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get Out Mom's Old Sunbeam Mixer

Well, just my luck, Gary and I have both been sick. Don't think it was the flu, just bad colds. During this time, my mom had back surgery, so then I was afraid to visit her. She certainly didn't need my cold germs. Saturday, my sissy's--Gay and Lori--and I met at mom's house to do some baking. We had a great laugh about mom's old aqua mixer! Even the ratty looking box. It's on it's last leg, but still worked. Aqua from when her kitchen appliances were aqua in the 70's! The funny thing is that dad is a gadget man. We spent many vacations at the fairs, etc. watching the slicer dicer, vega matic man do his demonstrations. I think I have the old vega-matic! We laughed and made fun of dad--something we do alot! He is an easy target.
It worked though. We got the baking done. The mixer smelled hot, but I think it survived.
The baking was too much for Annie girl. She fell asleep in her red satin dress.

One of my goals for the new year is to update my blog regularly. Sorry I've been sick and not up to it. Happy Holidays to everyone.!!!!
Until next time,

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  1. Hi Pam!
    We, to my surprise, are getting rain... and Wind! I see you are doing 'Heart', fill me in... They sent me a contract, but I haven't decided yet... I just don't know... I Truly Love That Show...
    Keep me posted!
    Have A Merry Christmas! And A Happy New Year!!!!
    Barb C.