Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stitching--Attention to Detail

As if a hand stitched and hand quilted quilt is not beautiful enough, adding a fancy feather stitch just adds to the beauty.  The quilt below looks beautiful, but then look at the picture below it--it shows how fancy a topstitch can be!  It's all in the attention to detail!

This old quilt has fabulous color, the schoolhouse is all pieced together and then a fancy topstitch is added.

Upclose of the detailed top stitch.  You see this stitch alot on old crazy quilts.  This shows how the attention to detail just makes the quilt look snazzy!
  Displaying a quilt is always a challenge--this is a great look for small quilts or squares.

A wonderful way to display miniature quilts or quilt squares.
  More fancy top stitching....

Again--attention to detail.
 We've been selling quilts again...Funny how trends come and go...but a good quilt is always ---A GOOD QUILT!!  I had the chance to purchase about a dozen cutter quilts and they are selling as well.  I have about another dozen hand-pieced quilt tops that I will be getting out soon.  I love them all!
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