Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heart of Country-Thanks Nashville!

What a trip!  There's tired, and there's GOOD tired!  We had great weather for travel coming and going.  And..the best show we have ever had there.  We sold I don't know how many smalls, and furniture, and architecture, quilts and linens, holiday--you name it.  I am showing a few pictures for now, it has taken me forever to get blogger working!  Hope you enjoy....

                                                       Sold lots of everything in this picture!

              The archways were shelving out of an old drugstore--sold, quilts all sold, red shutters sold!

                                             Sold lots of the country items in the white shelves.

 Sold this huge white pie safe, the quilts, some baskets and the pottery!

I'll post more pictures--I promise, but gotta go for now.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this show a great one.  We're already talking about what to do for next year!
Until next time,

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