Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloween Storefront Window Display

I love fall--it's really my favorite season as far as color goes.  Alton is known for it's outstanding color along the bluffs whether in town among the historic homes and buildings or the scenic drive up the river road.  Alton also is home of the oldest (or at least one of the oldest) Halloween parades--rain or shine.  Our shop--Country Meadows Antiques is right in the heart of the antique district.  Being located on Broadway we are also on the parade route.  So....the window HAS to look fabulous!  I start thinking way ahead of what I want to do, but it usually never works--something will sell (which is a good problem) or the look I had in my head doesn't look right!  This year, it totally changed at the last minute because we were able to pick up this sweet cottage kitchen set, so I decided to have Mr & Mrs Skeleton eating at the table.  They were going to ride bicycles, but the bicycles sold!  We have some Halloween inside, but the biggest selection is right down the street in the window of My Just Desserts.  I work with my friend Ann (the owner of My Just Desserts) on her window display, so most of the Halloween decorations are in her window.  I will post pictures of that in another post.  Even though we are just a few blocks apart, our markets reach different customers.  Everyone likes to eat! and she has a thriving restaurant business.  Our shop is antiques and collectibles so I try to keep a majority of my stuff old!  When it is new....I want a vintage look.  I know, I'm picky!  Check back for pictures of the display at My Just Desserts.  Below are a couple of closeups!  It was getting dark, and the windows looked even better!


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