Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Bittersweet Memory of Mother's Day

It was a year ago that we were called to the shop in the early morning of Mother's Day.  Someone had broken in, robbed us and then set fire.  I hope you never get a call like that.  I'm posting some pictures of the inside of the shop to give you an idea of what smoldering smoke will do.  We are still cleaning up items----it's been overwhelming.  But we're down to 93 uhaul boxes!  We were closed all last summer and reopened October 3rd.  It's so great to be back--but the anger is still there.  Yes, it's time to move on---but until we are done spending our time cleaning up stuff instead of being creative, I can't seem to move on.  On the upside---the shop now looks fantastic, and business is good.  I'll show pictures of the "redo" in another post.  
Come see us this summer---we are ready for you!!

Until next time,

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