Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Sweating the SMALL STUFF!

Well, it's time for Nashville. We get the rental truck in a couple of hours, and just as usual, I'm not ready. I have lots of small stuff to get ready and I always back myself into a corner! We divide our booth into 2 parts. Gary has larger items --furniture, cupboards, signs etc and I have a small section that I setup like a boutique or general store. My end is not always country, but fun stuff that people seem to enjoy. Gary got the drug store counter finished so I will use that for my checkout--BUT--it is FOR SALE!!! I'm showing a few pictures, not even a drop in the bucket of what I am taking. Hope to see all of you there!

We have a couple of straw stuffed early horses and these sweet black and white photos will look
great with them.

I'm taking several different holiday items. Shoppers always like that!

I just came across some of the most beautiful glass beads and can't resist taking them. I have a great dress form that I think I'll put them on.

Beautiful green lime green glass beads.

Vibrant blue glass beads.

Coin bracelets, some foreign coins, one American.

Sweet little punched needlepoint.

Some of the pincushions. I have lots of sewing stuff!

An assortment of smalls, little bisque dolls, handmade miniature chair etc.

Another shot of the cowboys!
Check back because I hope to show a BEFORE & AFTER shot of the drug store counter..
Hope you enjoyed this tiny preview!

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  1. Me too!!! I am soooo not ready! I took a smaller booth. I just don't! I might be over on your side this time! I think I need a few extra days & a adult beverage!