Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW!! What's With the Milk & Bread!

Beautiful snowflakes! These intricate cut paper snowflakes are the only ones I'm finding pretty these days! While looking through more stuff...I found this old Mavrakos Candies, St. Louis Mo box that has a stain but still has charm. I forgot that inside are many wonderful paper snowflakes from the 1940's. They would be great if I framed them. After you enjoy these works of art, scroll down for my true feelings!

I can't imagine having the patience to cut these. But someone did, lucky for me!

Just another shot of them!.

They are fragile, but they don't melt!
NOW, with all of that said, I can hear the sleet hitting the windows, the shop will be closed, I had to postpone an estate sale for a week, but boy oh boy, the snow is pretty! I remember snow days at school ( we lived for them). So....why do I now find them so irritating! I should cherish the beauty, but instead I think of the cost of snow removal, the loss of work time.....and then there's the total loss of understanding----what is with the MILK AND BREAD? You call the folks to see if they need anything from the store----Yes, get some milk and bread. What in the he...heck do they put on the bread and I don't remember them drinking milk. But...you go to the store and the bread rack and milk case are either running low or empty????? It's become a joke in my house---don't be caught without your milk and bread. They go real good together! Happy Snow Days!


  1. Pam,

    I think bread and milk are codewords for pizza & beer (or appropriate spirit)

  2. I'm with you...besides when you have no electric and you are have a cooler to keep all of your food in...you could put 6 long neck bottles of beer in the cooler and it would probably take the same amount of space as the gallon of milk!
    AND...I have heard that you can live longer on a 6 pack of beer than you could on a whole loaf of bread!
    Hey I'm trying to be practical here! Cooler space is at a minimum at my house right now!

  3. A second thought...if I had to pick 3 items to buy at the grocery store before a storm...I am not sure Milk or Bread would be in my top 3. How about Oreo's....that would be in my top 3.