Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd Nashville Show--Heart of Country

Well, we're still trying to recover from two shows! I can tell we are getting older--it wipes us out! I posted pictures from the Tailgate Show and now here are pictures from Heart of Country.
What a greeting--beautiful plants and flowers shaped like a heart. Coby Palmer is a wonderful florist from Indianapolis and is the master mind behind all of the floral displays. He has also become a great friend.
We had a few repeats of furniture, like this 9' table and the chest, but we added more and lots more smalls to give the booth a fresh look. Apparently it worked, we sold like crazy!

Another shot of the booth. It's hard to show the booth all at once--is was a 24' corner booth.

This was the side of the booth--we got to take advantage of a bare wall. Most of these buckets, whirligigs and fretwork sold.

We seemed to have alot of green at this show. The 6 foot table in the background didn't sell, but the 2 green benches did. They were made by the nuns at a convent here in the Midwest.

Can you imagine how heavy and itchy these wool swimmers would be in the middle of summer!

One of the corners of smalls. I just bought these table covers. Our tables are 6' and I was tired of rigging up the 8' covers! The color is sandalwood, not sure yet if I really like the color.

I put together a "turkey" section on purpose. The National Wildlife Turkey Federation was holding their national convention at Opryland at the same time--42,000 registrations! These postcards are NOT reproductions. They are mostly postmarked 1908-1914. Sold dozens of them.

This display of ironstone platters, silver and candles were beneath the turkey postcards. Sold almost all of it!

This is the other side of the booth with more smalls. Lots of sewing items sold.

This was the other side of the booth. A windmill section, the big storage piece and a folk-art covered wagon and horses in a case.

I can't finish the show without the mention of the food display at the preview party. It is always beautiful and yummy!
All in all, Nashville was a good trip, except for the snowstorm getting there! We met lots of new people, saw alot of familiar faces and sold lots of stuff! Thanks to everyone.
Until next time,


  1. WOW Pam, that heart floral arrangement was FANTASTIC! Girl you had a ton more new stuff in your booth than what I saw at the tailgate! Your booth looked great! You must have been hoarding those turkeys for awhile little turkey hoarder you! Look'n great!

  2. On a 2nd note...I LOVE LOVE LOVE those swimsuits! I need them at the lake! ;-)

  3. Just found you through Jon Jenkins' blog. I love the heart show and wish I could have come this year. I did make it to the Music Valley and Tailgate - what great shows! I posted on my blog about Music Valley with photos, graciously loaned by Jon from his blog. Looks like you had tons of great things!

  4. Hey Pam!
    I tried to leave a comment, last week, but couldn't! So Glad to see the Heart... Please send me a full description, of the shows! I am Dieing to hear!!!! I am sooo Happy for you! Your booth was amazing! No wonder you did so well!!!!!
    Barb C.