Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tailgate Show in Nashville TN

We're back from Nashville after two shows. We setup at the Tailgate Antique Show and at Heart of Country. We were able to take a couple of days off in between. I'm posting pictures from our booth at the Tailgate Show. I have other pictures to show including our booth at Heart of Country, but that will be in a different post.
This great piece is big but very practical. It would a great work station or storage unit. It is from the Olin Mansion here in Alton, Illinois. I love it!
This is Gary's side of the booth. The booth was 30 feet long and we needed it. The farm table in the background is 9 feet! How do you like the windmill section on the wall?

A wonderful early walnut jelly cupboard.

The chest in the corner is very early. The antique sign and lots of the smalls in this picture went to new homes!

This dollhouse dates back to about 1830-1850. It has wonderful paint.

This is a shot of my side with tons of smalls.

It was really tricky packing and loading the truck for 2 shows. But we did it and we were very pleased with the outcome. More to come!
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  1. Pam, you booth looked great! I was glad to visit with you and Gary at the show. Loved my little girls gloves I bought, oh so cute! Texas is just right around the corner. I can't will be our mission to go out and have a few drinks at least one plan on it! Can't wait to see your pics of Heart of Country! I miss you guys!