Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show Opening--Anticipation Is Making Me Wait!

There's nothing like the feeling of waiting for a show to open. You've worked really hard on your booth, you're excited, scared, nervous and tired--but it's a good tired. At Heart of Country, you know the Preview Party is about to begin when the music starts--the doors open--and the people pile in! First they are greeted with champagne, then there is the beautiful food buffet (displayed like a work of art), and last but not least, the dealers are anxiously waiting for customer traffic. I couldn't help but show this picture first of Tricia and Jerry from The Red Door Antiques. Their business is in Eddyville, Kentucky. This was their first time to participate at Heart of Country. You can see them eagerly looking down the aisle...waiting.....

Tricia's displays are always excellent, but first jitters are always common. We've been in this show many times, and I still get the jitters. But once the tummies are full, customers do more than walk the aisles. They start shopping! Below are pictures of their booth, lovely, most wonderful. A nice mixture. Sorry, a couple of pictures are a little blurry. Enjoy the show!

These big oval windows were too die for! SOLD!

Lots of great textiles, and ironstone. Always plentiful in her booth.

This trunk was like none other. It opened up and all of the compartments were still there!

One nice piece of furniture after the other.

They had a great show, and will be back next year. I'm glad!!!

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