Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Heart of Country!

I love these vintage lawn chairs. Perfect color and comfort. They spring when you sit in them. Kinda makes me nervous! Like when an aluminum lawn chair folds underneath you! But these aren't like that!

We sold all of the stools and benches that Gary has made with yardsticks. Of course, you always hear someone say--I can do that myself. Yeah right??!! How many people really follow through? Ha-Ha.

These little vintage pinecone elves were new "old store stock". Never used for decorating. All went to Betty, one of our favorite customers

Halloween sells no matter what time of year.

Love the green homemade storage piece. Great color and perfect size!

Very awesome dry sink. Worn just right.

These were shots from our booth at Heart of Country. Still some more to come!

Until next time,

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  1. LOVE the chairs and the dry sink too, great stuff...gotta go make soap, it came yesterday, wax and jars should be here by Friday...soon!!!