Friday, February 25, 2011

Go Green!

We were gone so much last year doing shows, I really neglected my storefront window displays. I have been really working hard to keep it changed--and we have been selling everything we put in there! When we returned from Nashville, we had sold another set of red bar table and bar stools. So I decided to put green in the window for St Patrick's Day. We use this long green farm table and bench for displays at shows--now we're getting calls about it!

We started out with 2 tables and 35 bar stools. Both tables are gone and we are down to 16 bar stools. In one month! Not bad! After the green display, it'll be time for spring--maybe an Easter display, but Cardinal Baseball season is approaching and I might squeeze in a display that would look like a sports bar. Hmmm......we'll see!

Lesson learned (again) no matter how busy we might be---don't neglect the windows. It sells itself--all lit up a night for drive by shoppers!

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  1. When I had my lil' tiny shop in Florida, I was on a main drag, so it was important to have my window caused a lot of traffic jams, as the gals drove by REALLY slow, but it also created a lotta sales!

    Thanks for the order again, I'll be attached to the cauldron all weekend, now I know how Granny felt!

    I love the green table too and that fireplace surround...SWEET!!!