Monday, February 21, 2011

How Was Heart of Country? Very Fine Thank-You

We're home, unloaded and very happy with the whole trip to Nashville. We saw lots of great things, Lots of old friends and sold...sold...sold! As you will see in the pictures, we sell lots of smalls.'s not all early Americana, but there are numerous styles of country and that's what I go by. I take what the customers love! The weather was perfect for travel going down and coming home. It's raining today so I'm glad we're home. The only bad thing is that when I loaded my pictures, half of them didn't turn out. I'm going to try to reload again, there were no overall shots of my booth, or of other dealers booths. WHY, you ask??? I don't know! But here are some shots from inside the booth. We are always the big booth in the front corner!

The National Wildlife Turkey Federation Convention was also at Opryland, so needless to say I sold alot of turkey stuff! Sold all of the framed vintage postcards. The antique sign was to die for!
Almost all of the early black clothing sold. Somehow I accumulated alot of black and white this time.

Lots of small crock bowls, linens, blue and white pottery. A real assortment.

A stack of blue and white homespun aprons on the shelf below the crock bowls.

Some of the framed turkeys! Very colorful and a perfect gift for the holidays.

Early glass and transferware. I also had some fab large Blue Ridge dinner plates in a tulip pattern that I've never had. All went to a new home!

This corner was nothing but vintage toys and teeny tiny smalls that a lot of you use in collages and shadow boxes. Priced so cheap they were almost free---but you know, everyone likes to leave a show with something and those small prices add up!

The handing shelf was filled with a collection of chair pincushions. The seat lifts up so you can store your thread. Made as 4-H projects years ago. The gray bucket bench was filled with buttons, buckles and other sewing items.

This fantastic dress is also gone! It was a 2 piece yellow satin dress--jumper or flapper style with the top piece a delicate lace. Pastel colored satin ribbon roses were sewn to the lace. I loved it. Next to it you can see my "Junk Necklaces". I will show them up close in another post. They are my latest project. I haven't even had any in the shop yet because they sell before they get there. I only brought 4 home. Gotta make more---I have a large order requested for Texas! One of a kind, fun and affordable necklaces. You'll love them! We can't make the trip to Marburger Farm this spring but we'll be there in spirit!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Check back--I'm gonna see if I can figure out what's up with my camera!
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  1. Your booth was amazing! And I should have kept a little note pad with hash marks on it to count the number of Country Meadows shopping bags that I saw go past my booth! Fun Fun Fun stuff!