Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Historical Winter Blizzard is Coming!

Ice, sleet, up to a foot of snow and 50 mph winds are headed our direction. The refinery even sent Gary and his crew home yesterday and said don't come in Tues or Wed. Wow! The shop is closed, my family members are all home safe, but I'm still afraid. I'm such a chicken. All I can think about is the power going out. What can I really do about it? Nothing. I seem to get worse the older I get. It's been sleeting all day, the picture below is out my back door,
This is a picture out the front of my house. The snow plows are out and about moving the sleet.
We have so much stuff stored in the garage, we are parked in the driveway--decided to cover the truck and Yukon with tarps. Isn't it pretty!!
The snow and wind is expected later today, tonight and tomorrow. But.....spring is around the corner!
Until next time,


  1. Yes Pam, I feel your pain...talk about a white out, more coffee please!!! Poor Scratchy has had nothing to bark at all day, nothing is moving out there, not even a mouse!

    I can't really tell how much snow we're getting because it's blowing so hard, guess we'll see tomorrow! Take care and stay warm!