Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Colors of Summer

I love color. Red is really my favorite, but these bright flowers look great during the summer. When we changed the window, what is left of the gardening look came inside the shop. Funny how different the shop looks when you first change it around! But that's what keeps it interesting.

Still have more to add to this setting, but it'll have to wait a couple of days. The old basket hanging back on the right is a very fun piece. It is from an old farmstand and the liner is vinyl covered with colorful pansies.

I wish I knew how many of these old lawn chairs we have sold in our 25 years. I also wish I had pictures of them, because they are all different in style and color.

The folky ferris wheel was brought in by Yvonne, one of our dealers that rents a large space. She comes up with very unusual pieces.

Better go for now. More calls to make! It never ends.

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