Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"JUNE BRIDES"--Our New Window Display!

Time to change the window again! This month is to honor all of the "June Brides". I have accumulated several vintage wedding gowns and decided it was time to get them all out of the boxes. Actually, I have 3 dresses that didn't make the display. They are complete with the veils, headpieces and shoes, but also very delicate and the heat and light in the window is a killer this time of year. I also have a light aqua colored gown from the late 1800's, beautiful bustle and detail, but, again, too fragile for the window. Sharayah, our newest weekend employee loves working with displays and is also an upcoming bride, so...after we talked about how we wanted the window to look, I just told her to do it. I think she did a really outstanding job. The pictures from out front have glare on the window--it was a bright day when we took the pictures, but then there are inside closeup shots! Enjoy!

Everything is for sale, so if you see anything of interest, let me know. Don't you agree that she did a great job!

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