Friday, December 23, 2011

Alton's Historic Mansions by Candlelight

Alton, Illinois is an old historic river town located about 20 miles across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Back in the day the city was full of industry--the box board, the glass works, the foundries and so on. It is a city rich in history and even though the industries are long gone, these fabulous mansions that were built by the industry leaders remain. When I leave my shop I go a few blocks away to the locally owned grocery store that sits in the middle of these homes. Then when leaving a trip down 12Th street and onto Henry is just lined with mansion after mansion. These are a few of my favorites.

I love this one.

This one is actually the Beall Mansion (Bed and Breakfast).

This house has been totally renovated and sits on an entire block. HUGE!!!

I think the house shown below is one of the oldest in Alton.

On Christmas Eve the entire neighborhood is lined with luminaries. It is beautiful. I love the candles in all of the windows. There are many more homes, this is just a tease! Hope you are having a holiday filled with fun and laughter!

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