Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Little Something Red for Christmas

Is this vintage RED sofa and chair not the best! I know the history of it--it was my mom and dad's living room furniture for years. I intended to use it for display in the window for Christmas, but after Gary got it out of their basement, he decided that it was the last time he was moving it! Too heavy to maneuver it in the window so I set up a display like an apartment.

It is like new, purchased in Benton Illinois in late 1957 and delivered to Roxana, Illinois in 1958. Mom always had a cover on it so us 4 kids wouldn't get it dirty! The couch actually flattens into a bed--and we all know how heavy a hide-a-bed is! Lot's of interest in this outfit! And it can be yours! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!
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