Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart of Country--Nashville

We're back from Nashville. We really had a great show. I'm showing pictures of my booth--it's a big corner booth and I couldn't get an overall shot because of it's size, so there are many many pictures! Thanks to everyone that came and shopped. The show was rather steady with business. We were really happy with the show. I still can't retire (ha-ha) but we came home with a much lighter load. Hope you enjoy the pictures---I never can decide whether it's easier reading captions over or under the pictures---so I'm doing it under them!

Everything you can see in this picture sold. I'm not kidding!

This terrific table did not sell--but will be great in the shop. I'd love to keep it.

The entire display of fishing lures sold including the board it was on!

Sold most of the holiday--including the harvest table it was on.

Sold everything on the mustard cupboard including the cupboard. Also sold the green cupboard on the left and the dogs on top of it!

The white shelving unit was full of toys--sold a lot of them too!

The hanging cabinet came home with us. It'll sell!

Sold the table the crock and blue hand blown glasses.

Didn't sell many linens, but sold the crock bowl.

This was my check out counter. I need a counter to wrap all of this small stuff! The neon sign is very awesome. It is from an ice cream business here in Alton. "Shearburns is in hot pink and ice cream in neon green. Didn't sell but I know it will probably to someone that likes local Alton memorabilia.

Sold lots of button (on the left) and all of the children's chairs--I think we took 15 of them!

This is just some of the buttons. I could sell all of these and replace them 2 or 3 more times. Will be great in the shop.

Sold the barrels and most of the Halloween. The old washstand covered in yardsticks came home with us.

Sold several of the "Garden Art" pieces. Gary has stands made for them and we sell them with the stands. He's done this for years with whirligigs.

Sold all of this.

Sold some wood pulleys, the pair of chalk dogs and the cast iron dog doorstop! Oh yeah--and the cabinet they were on!

Loved the look of the old fishing lures--sold all of it.

A side shot of work in progress. You can see the banana box at the bottom. I think I had 37 of them full! That's a lot of smalls.

I hope you enjoyed the show. I have more pictures from other dealers and pictures inside the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Saving them for another post.

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