Friday, February 24, 2012

Window Shopping--Black and White

I've been busy trying to redo the shop including the storefront windows. Seems like I've come up with alot of black, white wire and silver--sooo that's what I put in the window. As I was trying to think of what to do, one of our dealers--Yvonne walked in with the "very fun" lamp and silver-gray chair. That did it--black and white and silver is going in the window. The chair turns and is probably from a beauty parlor. The lamp has 3 shades--all black metal with 2 being alike and one different. Never seen one like this. The shots are from the side door because of the glare when shooting through the window.

The next 2 shots are taken from outside looking in so there IS a glare!

The other small end of the window will be done today. It'll probably be green. I need to get more shelving inside for the millions of small items. We've been hanging some pegboard and getting ready to rearrange. Come in and see us!

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