Friday, February 10, 2012

Nashville Friends and Neighbors

After setting up our own booth, we like to walk around and look at the other booths. It's always great to see what everyone else has done to create the most beautiful displays. This by no means is all of the dealers but some of my favorites. After working all day, my knees give out--so I don't usually make it all over! These are some pictures of my friends--others of neighbors that would be friends if we had time to visit! If I know whose booth is shown-I'll list the name under the picture. Hope you enjoy!

This is Tricia LeTempt of The Red Door Antiques in Kentucky. Her displays are always excellent and different at every show.
More Tricia...

More Tricia...

More Tricia...loved the Valentine theme!

More Tricia....what a soothing smell!

Not sure who this is but loved the wonderful quilts.

Don't know this one either, but a great visual display of hooked rug.

I think this was Worden Select Objects.

David Drummond--should have taken more of his booth--I have loved him for years!

Charles and Judy Warren--Stonecrop Antiques in Virginia--always top notch--and great buddies of ours! It's always fun to meet them for lunch and dinner!

More Stonecrop.....

More the colors!

More Stonecrop.....

Don't know--but I loved this!

Barb--Simply Iowa--She brings the MOST massive things!

More Simply Iowa...

More Simply Iowa...

I think still more Simply Iowa.......

Under $200 Booth--Wish I would have bought these!
This booth is made up of items from all of the dealers. Always fun!

More Under $200

Don't know this one--but loved it!

I think this was Kitty Saylors booth...not positive

More Kitty.....

I know what you're thinking---I sould have written names down so I would remember ..well...if I would have---I probably wouldn't be able to find the note! As you can see, each booth has it's own personality. That's what makes this show so great. If you didn't come, hope you got the feeling of being there....and there's always next year! I have pictures of Opryland for another post. It is so very pretty!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Pam. It was great getting to see you. Thanks for the Junk pin that you gave me....LOVE IT! I am super glad you had a great show! Wish I was going to see you in Round Top!

  2. I want those old Halloween lanterns - they are fab! Remind me of the headband I made a few years ago, based on an old Halloween cat: