Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Show in Hermann---despite the storms!

We just returned from Hermann, Missouri--a short and nice trip compared to the travel to Texas. Only about 1 1/2 hours from home! The show was beautiful, lots of great dealers with antiques to die for. Our booth was small, so we took lots of smalls. The show was held at the Hermanhof Winery so it had a setting all of its own. The weather was not in our favor--I'm talking storms, but the die-hard antiquers that came were there to buy. I don't have alot of pictures of the booth, but you'll get the idea.

Gary bought this old church picnic game right in Hermann. It sold! Very primitive--you can't see the nails, but the hand forged arrow would twirl and stop on a nail that would have had prizes on it. I think he really wanted to keep it. But selling it within a day is sweeeeet!

Pincushions! Lots of the ladies loved the sewing stuff!

The cute little child's chairs were also a purchase Gary made the day before setup and sold the first day! He thinks he's really smart!
I have alot of pictures of other dealers booths. Lots of interesting smalls, and also alot of pictures of homes and buildings throughout the city of Hermann. I'll do them in another post. We leave for Sycamore Illinois on Wednesday so I've got alot to do.
Better crack on!
Until next time,


  1. Hey, I finally made it over...whew what a whirlwind you two are, I can't believe all the shows you guys do, glad you like shoppin' Iowa!

    With the move and all, it'll be a few weeks before we are ready to produce candles, but you never know, she may get a wild hair you know where...ha!

    Take care...and don't work too hard(yeah right)(like me)...LIL!


  2. That was supposed to be LOL...well, it's still early...right!!!


  3. Pam...all those sweet little goodies! If you still have the paisley pin cushion chair I want it!

    Email me or call me and let me know!

    thanks Tricia

    PS LOOK'N Good...and BTW Tell Gary to "ROCK ON with his BAD SELF" buying and selling in 24hrs...Very COOL!

  4. OH I forgot to say....I think you must be a magnet to BAD WEATHER! It follows you!