Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Midwest Antiques Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The trip to Iowa has become one of my favorites. I think it's because we always head south and Heading north is new territory! The show promoters of the Midwest Antiques Show and Collector's Eye Show in Cedar Rapids are some of the nicest! We had a good show, sold some great country pieces. Is that Watermelon sign awesome or what--and yes, it SOLD!
This framed reverse painted glass is from an old drugstore in Collinsville Illinois. Nice red.
The mohair horse pull toy was incredible. The loop you see is the hee-hee that still works when pulled. I said "was" incredible because it sold too!

Just a collection of old piano rolls. Someday, someone is going to need these--perhaps to paper a wall! I love the green bench we used on top of a green table for display.

Here is a better picture of the tractor grill. We bought it in Texas, but it SOLD in Iowa! Go figure!

More small treasures.

I love this old store counter. Green and a creamy yellow/white. It won't last long!

Other necessities on top of an old primitive potting table.

We only had a 20' booth so space was limited. It turned out nice with lots of stuff!

We head to Hermann, Missouri on Thursday to set up for the Hermann Antique Show. Hermann is a great old town and I'm looking forward to it.
Better get crackin!
Until next time,


  1. Pam....UGH I love that watermelon sign! I would have bought that! :-(

    I am glad we had time to chat today...I have missed you since we left Texas.

    I knew that tractor grill would sell....very cool!

    Is that the counter you were telling me about today???? Very cute!

    Thanks for posting the pictues!

  2. I told you that you would love the sign! I don't think the counter will last long. I will hate to see it go! Already have an interested customer! It's always fun to talk to you too--I know I can be pretty blunt sometimes in our conversation--but like I always say--I'm just keeping it real! We'll talk again soon and solve more world problems!

  3. I miss you Pam. I wish we had another show around the corner to be neighbors again! Keep'n it real...is ok with me. We CCB's must stick together! Hope your next show is off the charts!

  4. I live in Iowa and I'll have to mark my calendar to hit Cedar Rapids next spring. Your booth had lots of neat treasures!