Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smalls, Dolls & Textiles--It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

I'm showing several pictures of displays at the Hermann Antique Show. Really great country items. I love old dolls, textiles, toys,--well--all of it! Hope you enjoy!

An early rope bed with homespun clothing hanging. Wow!

I rooster in a cage, small and probably German.

Schoenhut Circus clown, ladder, chair and animal.

I love old dolls.
Old books and small china dolls.Handmade cotton cloth toys.

A Tiny little china doll in early clothes.

Sock Monkeys!

Early Children's Clothes.

Linens, homespun fabric and quilts.

More homespun fabric.
We leave for Sycamore Illinois in the morning. A great town with lots of beautiful old homes. I will take a lot of pictures! I also have pictures of old homes in Hermann that I'll share when we get home. Can't wait to get there tomorrow. There is this biker bar we found that has the best Fried Chicken in the world! I hope the fryer is ready cause that's for dinner!
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