Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RED Door was Next Door at Marburger Farm!

Well, I think I have more pictures of my neighbors booth than of my own! Maybe because I thought it was without a doubt the best display of the Farm! That would be Tricia of The Red Door Antiques. One picture after the other---it was colorful and beautiful. What I should have done is taken Before and After pictures to show you what all was gone! I hope you enjoy the show!
Just the beginning of the booth--ther's lots more!
Only Tricia could hang this display!

Very needful things! As Tricia says.....

Some great displays of sewing trim.

A repeat picture!
Most don't want to bother with a heavy sink--but it made the display!

Pink trim for your projects!

Awesome fragrant soap--I sell these too, but didn't take them to the show.

Colorful McCoy pottery.

fabulous signs with retro kitchenette set. I know it sold!

She's so creative with her displays.

Fab awning--SOLD!

A chicken coop to die for!


Cement pillows--but only soft!

A long shot!
It's tough to be next door to someone this creative--to make it even more tough, she has a booth at The Red Barn and it looks just as great! Hats off to you Tricia--you deserved a more than fab show!
Better go for now,
We leave for Hermann MO tomorrow, I'll post again soon!
I still have some last minute stuff to do, so I'd better crack on!
Until next time,

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  1. OMG. I think you might be giving me a little more credit than what is due. But....I'll take it! You are so nice to post about me. Thank you for the mention...and all the very kind words!

    You are being toooo hard on yourself about your own booth....I think it looked Great! All your little treasures....they were fantastic!

    Thanks again....I hope you have a great show this weekend!

    Tell Gary I said HEY!