Friday, July 13, 2012

Early Cloth Dolls and Bears

We're never too old to enjoy precious bears and dolls! These are some old pictures from other dealers displays that caught my eyes. I love the character faces on the bears! I wonder what they were thinking?

These worn out souls were someone's play toy. Lucky for us now, they are still precious. The doll on the right looks really mad! Maybe she doesn't like to have her picture taken.

Sweet family!

A pair of sisters or perhaps Mammy momma and daughter!

Love the old mohair bears.

I wish I had all of these. Thought I'd share the fun!

We're headed to St. Charles, MO on a buying trip later today. I hope to be able to hit Old Historic Main Street when we're done. The shops will probably be closed, but not the restaurants! Yippee for me! I'll try to snap pictures-you know I love old historic buildings and homes.

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