Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pincushions--4-H Projects!

What happens when I can't make up my mind which one I like best??? I buy the whole collection! All of these padded chairs are pincushions--handmade as a 4-H project in the 1940's. I love the fabric, shapes and sizes of all of them. The seat lifts up for your thread and other sewing items. Very sweet! I have a huge button collection and other fabrics and sewing items that I am accumulating to make a big display! And...it will be big--more than 1,000 buttons-another collection I bought! Then of course loose buttons, needle packs etc. The picture below of how the dealer's booth looked with the chairs--see why I loved it!

I also bought a collection of velvet handmade pincushions. This picture is of the red ones, but there are some pastel ones too. Love the way they look and feel.

The next two pictures are just close-up shots of the chairs.

When I get the display figured out, I'll post pictures. Keep checking! Love it all!

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