Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Great Pick in St. Charles!

We went on a great pick on Friday and as promised--I am showing pictures of the great Historic Downtown St. Charles MO. I'll show pictures of what we picked later! The buildings in St. Charles speak for themselves! I love them all. Many have been there for years. St. Charles is only about 30 minutes across the river from us. A big tourist attraction outside St. Louis.

This particular shop has been in business for years. It is in the old blacksmith shop.

Gary loves the old blue shutters on this building. He wants to live there!

This old building houses the restaurant we love to eat at. It's quiet, cozy and the food is awesome. The salad bar is like an old church potluck! Yum. We actually had a date night and could sit and talk, and dream and just have fun! We forget that we don't have to work ALL THE TIME!

I'll show you more pictures soon!

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