Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Timely Booth Setup From the Past

I can still remember some of the customers that bought from us this year.  Many are now repeat customers, whether at the show, or they come to the shop.  Repeat business is what it is all about!  These pictures are from the 2007 Heart of Country Show in Nashville.  As you can see, this corner booth took awhile to setup too.  Hope you enjoy it!

Some of the dealers in the past have looked at this booth and thought WHAT???  No, it's not a booth with 10 things in it, and it's priced in every price range.  I finally got it through my head---who cares?   Those dealers sure don't mind searching through the booth and BUYING my stuff!  If they don't like it, I have a great policy for them----stay out of it!  I'm here for the faithful customers, and they seem to love it!
Wow, I finally said it! 
Until next time,

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