Monday, February 4, 2013

Booth Setup Takes Us A While!

These pictures are the corner booth space we had at Heart of Country last year.  As you can see, we have furniture, folk art and country items---and hundreds of smalls!  Everyone likes to take home something right?  It takes us a long time to setup.  Setup begins on Tuesday afternoon and the show doesn't open until Thursday evening.  That seems like a long time for setup, but we use every minute of it.  The trick is to have everything priced before we get there.  That would be an easy task, but we pickup things right up to the last minute to take so there's always the crunch time.  We also have to have things in order at the shop before we leave.  A lot of dealers are only show dealers, so they don't have the added worry of a shop.  After looking at the pictures you can see why it takes me a while.
I am still spending my days at the hospital--my dad is really very ill, so I'll probably be taking some "unpriced" stuff and working overtime at setup.  But that's okay, I need to be with my dad right now.
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